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Men's Mental Health: Less shame and Mo' talk.

Well folks, the month of Movember is here and with it comes an invasion of moustaches on the streets and in peoples' Facebook feeds. It may surprise you to know that Movember is not simply about growing moustaches but raising awareness of Men's Health issues. Men's Mental Health and Suicide Prevention is one of the Movember focuses and the blog this month will take a look at a few topics, with a focus on guys and their needs.

Why mental health in particular for men? While both men and women struggle with mental health issues, research has shown that men are much less likely to seek help  for their depression, substance use and even generally stressful life events. Men are 4x more likely to die by suicide than women. Here in Ontario more men died by suicide than by car accidents. Those are pretty startling statistics. 

What can you do? First things first- lets start to talk about this. Now, tomorrow, for the month of Movember, for the whole year! Guys can be struggling too with their problems and this is not something to be ashamed about. Men and women alike need to be able to talk about mental health without feeling stigma, shame and the silent suffering needs to stop. 

If you, or someone you know is struggling a needs help then recognize the signs. Don't try and deal with it yourself- get professional help. A visit to a psychologist, family doctor or ER if you are worried. The Ottawa Crisis line is open 24/7 if you're not sure and need to talk 613.722.6914.

It's time to start making positive change and start reducing mental health stigma, so the next time you see a "mo" out there then strike up a conversation about Men's Mental Health. And keep your eyes peeled for more Movember and Men's Mental Health.