It is important to focus on the healthy, well you. This means not always waiting for problems to occur, rather to approach issues or areas of difficulty before they arise. As a psychologist, I'm equipped with unique tools to help your achieve goals. 

Why wait until the balance is lost?

Why not try and restore the balance before things become problematic?

Some of the areas I can help you in improving your wellness include:

  • workplace and stress management
  • exercise and dietary changes
  • smoking cessation
  • insomnia and sleep difficulties
  • parenting challenges and child sleep issues 
  • attentional focus and concentration
  • communication and relationships (workplace, personal)
  • time management and task allocation

Drawing from psychological techniques and approaches, I'll help you to change your behaviours and make those changes stick. Everyone knows that we should live a more active lifestyle, eat healthier, drink less and not engage in many other vices. Yet most people experience challenges in actually making changes and keeping those changes in the long term. At Balance we can work towards your wellness goals and finding the balance in your life.