At Balance Psychology and Wellness Practice the goal is to provide you with services that meet your needs. The focus is on you working with a Clinical Psychologist to help with problems that exist and to prevent future problems or issues from arising. I follow an evidence based approach, using a variety of psychological tools and techniques to find what works for you. This means I use the best and current evidence or scientific knowledge to come up with a solution with your best interests in mind. This gets results. I believe in health. I believe in wellbeing. I believe in solving short-term problems and preventing problems in the long-term. I believe in finding and maintaining balance in one's life. 

Achieve balance.



Insomnia, anxiety and depression are just a few of the many struggles people are trying to cope with in their daily lives. You can find balance by working with a psychologist to focus on your difficult issues, and improving your mental health and psychological wellbeing. 



Making healthy lifestyle changes, maintaining exercise and healthy eating goals, and managing your stress, are a few of the many wellness needs people have. Find balance by working with a psychologist to focus on your wellness and living a healthier lifestyle. 



MDs, CEOs and other professionals have specific needs that accompany their profession. High workplace demands, little time for personal needs and healthy living can be stressful and taxing. You can achieve success in your career, while having balance.